Trummelbach Falls

My mum and I went to Bernese Oberland in August 2012. One of the highlights of our trip was the visit to “Trummelbach Falls” in Lauterbrunnen. I had heard of these falls but didn’t know what to expect. We arrived in Lauterbrunnen after a short mountain train ride from Interlaken where we had stayed the previous night. It turned out that the falls were an hour walk away from the train station. At first we thought we would wait for the bus that goes every half hour or so but both mum and I hate waiting so we decided to walk there. Admittedly, it took us over 2 hours to get to the falls because we stopped on our way to see other smaller waterfalls. One of the most impressive smaller waterfall is Staubbach Fall which you can see in the picture below. We had a picnic at the bottom of the fall before deciding to climb (or rather I decided and persuaded my mum!) the stair case leading up to a canopy built half way up the mountain. You don’t actually see the waterfall any better from there but you get good views of the surrounding valley.

The walk from Satubbach to Trummelbach is beautiful. It is pretty much flat and there are green meadows all around with scattering of typical Swiss mountain chalets. The heat made it a bit challenging to walk but it wasn’t too bad everything considered. Upon arriving at the Trummel falls, my mum and I couldn’t hold our excitement. Turns out that Trummel falls are a series of 10 glacier waterfalls which are made accessible through cutting edge Swiss engineering of a network of tunnels and lifts. We spent over an hour there awe inspired by the natural beauty of the glacier water gushing out of mountain caves and also the Swiss technology that makes it so accessible to visit. The place was understandably crowded but the tourists were very well behaved.

I would recommend this trip from Lauterbrunnen either on foot or using the PostBus. Here are some pictures I took.


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