Tour du Mont Blanc

My husband and I did an 8 day “Tour du Mont Blanc” at the start of August 2012 which is a classic long distance walk around Mont Blanc and goes through France, Italy and Switzerland. It has to be one of the best walking holidays we have ever done. The walk is not too difficult except on the penultimate day when you climb Fenetre d’Arpette. Each day we climbed one or sometimes two high passes which usually meant an ascent of 1000+m before descending the same amount and arriving at our accommodation for the night. Lunch was a picnic along the way. On some days, we had a hot chocolate and cake break at a mountain chalet. Doesn’t feel so bad indulging in calories when you are constantly walking, does it?

We organized the walk through KE Adventures so didn’t have to do anything except turning up in Chamonix on the first night. KE also transferred our bags which was mighty nice of them. Our guide was from a company called “Tracks and Trails“. She was just amazing. She took such good care of us. She was easy to get on with and I loved every minute I spent with her. I would thoroughly recommend this company and already thinking of doing cross country skiing with them next year in Val Ferret.

One thing that came as a total surprise to us on this trip was the standard of the accommodation. We were expecting grungy hostels and were totally surprised by the chalets and hotels where we ended up staying. The accommodation was twin shared and on some places my husband and I got a double room too! The food was a lavish three course affair. They took care of guests’ special dietary requirements too. If you want to know day by day itinerary refer to either “Track and Trails” or “KE Adventures“.

If you are interested in an long distance walking holiday in the Alps, I would totally recommend TMB. Here are some pictures I took.


2 responses to “Tour du Mont Blanc

  1. I very baddddly want to do this! I don’t think I should read anymore of your blog till I’ve got enough time and money set aside to quench my wanderlust! 😛

  2. Yes, do TMB. You can do it on your own as you have a large group of friends already. Otherwise KE Adventures can organize the whole lot for you. I am already thinking of doing something with them in the winter.

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