Dolphin watching in Cromarty

Couple of years ago mum, Gavin and I went to Cromarty to see dolphins. I love wildlife and especially sea life. I had only ever seen dolphins once before in the wild so was very excited about this trip.

Cromarty is located in the north eastern highlands and is a seaport town on the southern shore of Cromarty port. Every summer the travelling dolphins can be spotted there either in the firth itself or further out in the sea.

We drove from Edinburgh and stayed in Carrbridge on the first night. That day I took mum and husband canoeing in my favourite lake in Scotland “Loch Morlich”. We took the canoe down a small estuary from the lake and parked it by a beach. We ended up just paddling rest of the afternoon in the cool water as it was one of those freakishly hot summer day in Scotland where sleep and relaxation sounded better than any form of exercise.

The next morning we first went to the Osprey Centre near Lake Garten to see the amazingly beautiful ospreys who migrate to Scotland every summer. We then drove towards Inverness on A9. We stopped at the Chanory Point to spot dolphins and whales from a distance before continuing to Cromarty and registering with “Ecoventures Dolphin Watching Tour“. After lunch, the skipper gave us a briefing and the group put on the specially provided suits. We were very lucky to spot several dolphins doing proper jumps. They are the most wonderful creatures. I can just watch them for hours and hours. Ecoventures is also one of those small establishments that I admire. The skipper was very knowledgeable and friendly. She told us heaps about the local wildlife and the town’s history. I still follow them on facebook and get jealous everytime they come back with successful sighting of whales and dolphins (which is pretty much every day during summer). Now, that is a job I can do without any regret!


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