Cappadocia in snow

We spent last Christmas and New Year in Turkey. I thought “Christmas in Turkey” had a certain ring to it. (Now, I need Easter on Easter Island to continue the theme!). Out of all the places we visited in Turkey, Cappadocia wins hands down.

It was not just the stunning geography of the place: Mars like landscape pierced with high volcanic peaks; it was the fact that the entire terrain was covered in fresh snow that made every hill look like a fairy castle.

After thorough research on cave accommodation, we chose Canyon View Hotel in Goreme and were not disappointed. The hotel owner is an extremely friendly guy who also acted as our local guide. We got an upgrade upon our arrival and ended up with a suite big enough to fit a family of six with its own jacuzzi and terrace. The hotel has one of the best views of Goreme (see images below). I can’t recommend this place enough. They organized day trips for us and also drove us to meet a local poet called “Crazy Ali” in the neighbouring village.

The food in Turkey was consistently good no matter whether we did fine-dining or just a plain cafe. Our favourite was a little place run by a Turkish guy and his family called the “Topdeck Restaurant“.  This place was a real find. There is a set menu for the day that is a combination of mezzes and main course dishes. The mezzes the chef prepared in his tiny kitchen were out of this world. I don’t know what spices he used but I have never had better Mediterranean food. Since the main course had no vegetarian option, he rustled up something for me in a matter of minutes on special request. We also got to eat sitting cross legged on the cushions Middle Eastern  style. We went back to Topdeck two more times in this visit and were never disappointed.

I would also recommend doing some walks in the nearby valley as the views all around are simply stunning. Also, I love walking on virgin snow and the way it makes a crackling sound each time you step on it.

Here are some photos.


5 responses to “Cappadocia in snow

  1. Crazy Ali is awwwesome! Love that guy! And the food is Turkey is one of the best I’ve had…other than Lebanon I guess, and India of course… also Spain… erm…. never mind!. I love food too much to have favourites! But Turkish food… fantastic!

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